Pakistan expressed its solidarity with Azerbaycan

His Excellency Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Ali is in the tenth blood line among the descendants of the royal house of famous saint Sult̲ān Al-‘Ārifīn Sultan Bahoo (R.A). He is a leading Sufi Sheikh of Qadaria Order in Pakistan having millions of followers. He is a renowned person in Motorsports as well as in Traditional Sports of Pakistan like Tent Pegging and other horse sports.
H.E. Sahibzada Sultan is Founding Father of a renowned research think-tank called MUSLIM Institute based in Islamabad and London. The Institute is playing active role in promoting friendly and brotherly relations between Azerbaijan and Pakistan. At the time of Azerbaijan-Armenia War, His Excellency Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Ali dedicated his entire International Tent Pegging Event to the martyrs of Azerbaijan to show solidarity with Azerbaijan.
Recently, he has given a following Solidarity Message with the great people of Azerbaijan.
1990  Jan 20 Mourning Day
On this day, 147 Azeri citizens were massacred. This tragedy is commemorated as a national mourning. Pakistan and Azerbaijan are having strong Islamic ties and Pakistan has never left Azerbaijan alone in difficult times. On the day of mourning, the Pakistani nation expresses solidarity with the Azeri brothers.

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